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Clamour is a unique board game; plan with your clan and win all that you can!

One of the prime incidents that set off the plot of the great Indian epic Mahabharath is the ashtachamma game. Clamour is the modern version of the game only more enhanced. It is one of a kind board game nothing like ludo with lots of strategies, luck with a backdrop of war like scenario. The game can be played with a player or 8 real players can play at the same time. There are two ways which we have designed this game: the archaic version and the new age clamour version. In modelling the archaic version of the game we have ensured that the experience remains as such. Hence we have imbued the use of shells instead of dices which is used to determine player movement. 4 players start off with 5 coins each. The goal of the game is simple is to simply complete the crossover from 1 end to another. To win in Battle 4 way, the coins have to reach the center of the board. One may ask how is Clamour enhanced from the archaic game. The introduction of the concept of clan wars is what makes it that much more enhanced and unique. The theme is based on mafia gangs with 4 gangsters and 1 boss. Rather than playing with pawns as typical of other board games Clamour is where you play with gangsters. To win in gang wars one has to cross over to the other base. One just needs to tap and move their respective gangster. That being said one only needs to enter the game and exit is not possible that easily. The reason being that it is quite addictive. So defeat your opponents and play for the highest scores on the leaderboards.